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And Now The News

24 July 2014   Spierig Bros teaming up with Hammer on Supernatural movie

Article Thumbnail While the movie reviews around the name Winchester is has nothing to do with Sam and Dean, Hammer want a supernatural flick and they are calling in the Bros to direct

17 July 2014   New Line Cinema give Chucky a sex change operation

Article Thumbnail Seriously "Annabelle" is happening, and it looks pretty good to be honest.

9 July 2014   Horror flagging at North American boxoffice, the nervous Nellies of course yell the "sky is falling"!

Article Thumbnail Eric Bana joins the list of horror movie leads that haven't nailed opening weekend in 2014, hey some of these movies didn't deserve a cinema release in the first place.

19 June 2014   Paranormal Activity 5 held back till 2016

Article Thumbnail So we aren't getting two PA movies in 2014 and now have one hell of a long wait for the next movie.

14 June 2014   2014 Video Clip 13 Rufus - Tonight

Article Thumbnail Sydney Indie dance trio Rufus track Tonight from their debut album "Atlas"

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