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And Now The News

30 July 2015   Nick Robertson's debut feature The Pack slotted for release

Article Thumbnail Ready to face a pack of Cujos in the remote Aussie countryside? Things are about to get vicious and oh so good.

30 July 2015   Zombie apocalypse pizza delivery - Kiwi style

Article Thumbnail Interactive add from New Zealand's Hell pizza puts the tomato sauce back on the pizza. Can you survive the holocaust while delivering a pizza

12 July 2015   Robert Kirkman's Outcast trailers released

Article Thumbnail Not just one kids but two, could this be the next big television show?

11 July 2015   Comicon trailernado for Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and Ash vs the Evil Dead

Article Thumbnail The trailers for the new seasons are upon us with release dates, some juicy details of what we can expect, and more dead action than you could expect at a haunted crypt.

8 July 2015   Dead Room opening Nationwide in New Zealand cinemas this coming weekend

Article Thumbnail Director Jason Stutter is back with the scares to keep Kiwis shivering through the winter months!

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