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16 March 2017   Friday toonage back by no demand

    Hey hold onto your linen we like to spin the disc, play the tune, get down with some Hole - cover of Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac)

16 March 2017   Alien: Covenant - anyone else getting excited?

    New trailer does the business, fingers crossed Scott hasn't been influenced by the "fans" and Prologue: Last Supper.

25 December 2016   Alien: Covenant first trailer drops

    Article Thumbnail So bit excited over here, drones, face huggers, Ridley going the full nine in second prequel movie.

1 December 2016   Friday toonage December 2016

    Article Thumbnail Hey we forgot about this so heres some classic Aaron Stoquert

27 November 2016   Greg McLean again attacks the U.S box office with forthcoming horror comedy

    Article Thumbnail And this time he's bringing James Gunn to the party!

24 November 2016   Sorry no updates folks

    Article Thumbnail Our ISP are so bloody hopeless we can't keep a connection for more than five minutes

24 November 2016   Good news on the Alien: Covenant front

    Article Thumbnail Okay so Ridley has been going a tad quiet on the movie recently but finally some excellent news drops on the desk

26 October 2016   Ill be right back, que dramatic music

    Article Thumbnail Something is stirring, there's a twitch to the corpse, ka ka ka ma ma ma, we is back like a slasher villain and ready to go full throttle

4 March 2016   Joseph Sims-Dennett's Observance to premier in Melbourne on 12th of April

    Article Thumbnail Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cinema a new thriller chiller lands and seeks to creep you out.

13 February 2016   Greg McLean first Hollywood feature is creeping out of the darkness

    Article Thumbnail Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cinema McLean surfaces with new feature, this time without Mick or a giant croc!

28 January 2016   A week goes by without Ridley Scott releasing Prometheus update

    Article Thumbnail Seems it's full steam ahead Downunder as they start looking for extras to play Aliens or Engineers, shooting to begin in April

26 January 2016   David Bowie Tribute 6

    Article Thumbnail Double dose today, Hang On To Yourself and emMoonage Daydreamem with Mick Ronson on lead guitar.

24 January 2016   David Bowie Tribute 5

    Article Thumbnail Original video for the classic Life On Mars

21 January 2016   David Bowie Tribute 4

    Article Thumbnail BBC recording of Bowie and Mick Ronson belting out Starman in front of a disinterested looking pack of white nerds who I think are attempting to dance.

19 January 2016   David Bowie Tribute 3

    Article Thumbnail A more modern interpretation of Space Oddity, Bowie Live.

18 January 2016   David Bowie Tribute 2

    Article Thumbnail Our continuing tribute to the late great David Bowie continues with The Man Who Sold The World

16 January 2016   R.I.P David Bowie, our tribute begins

    Article Thumbnail One of the world's most influential musicians dead at 69 after a long battle with the big C, we salute you Mr Jones and wish the thin white duke the best with his latest voyage of discovery

10 September 2015   Teaser Trailer for Red Billabong drops

    Article Thumbnail Okay Kids your guess is as good as ours as to what the creature is in Luke Sparke's debut feature.

25 August 2015   Fear's Pilot episode shatters Cable Television records

    Article Thumbnail Audiences tune in by the million to catch the first episode, naturally some elements in the horror community don't get character development, and are zombies destined for extinction due to mainstream acceptance?

11 August 2015   Damien returns in 10 part thriller from AMC, first trailer

    Article Thumbnail Direct sequel to THE OMEN movies, well the first two, sees Damien as an adult learning about his past and place in the universe

4 August 2015   The Nest 3D heading to pre-production finally

    Article Thumbnail Yeah I was also wondering whatever happened to this joint Aussie-Chinese flick. Alls good and full steam ahead kids, we got spider troubles.

3 August 2015   Fear the Walking Dead getting closer, lights go out on L.A

    Article Thumbnail Time lapse trailer, now there's something cool and different.

30 July 2015   Nick Robertson's debut feature The Pack slotted for release

    Article Thumbnail Ready to face a pack of Cujos in the remote Aussie countryside? Things are about to get vicious and oh so good.

30 July 2015   Zombie apocalypse pizza delivery - Kiwi style

    Article Thumbnail Interactive add from New Zealand's Hell pizza puts the tomato sauce back on the pizza. Can you survive the holocaust while delivering a pizza

12 July 2015   Robert Kirkman's Outcast trailers released

    Article Thumbnail Not just one kids but two, could this be the next big television show?

11 July 2015   Comicon trailernado for Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and Ash vs the Evil Dead

    Article Thumbnail The trailers for the new seasons are upon us with release dates, some juicy details of what we can expect, and more dead action than you could expect at a haunted crypt.

8 July 2015   Dead Room opening Nationwide in New Zealand cinemas this coming weekend

    Article Thumbnail Director Jason Stutter is back with the scares to keep Kiwis shivering through the winter months!

4 July 2015   Monsters: Dark Continent hits Australian disc retailers and is available right now!

    Article Thumbnail That's right folks the monsters are back and are waiting in your favourite DVDBlu-Ray store for you. A cross between war is hell and creatures on the loose Tom Green gives us more wild times

1 July 2015   Chris Sun working on fourth horror movie

    Article Thumbnail Seems Mr Sun can't get enough of the dark genre and is hitting the creature feature with a movie titled "Boar", a clear nod to a certain other classic Aussie horror movie

25 June 2015   Fear the Walking Dead set for August transmission

    Article Thumbnail The first six episode season of The Walking Dead spin off series is now filming and has a promised August release date.

25 June 2015   Blumhouse announce the PA franchise will finish with the fifth movie.

    Article Thumbnail Okay we have heard this before, and yet the movies still keep rolling, but Blumhouse have stated for the record that it all gets explained in the final installment of the warhorse found footage franchise.

23 June 2015   Observance to premier at the Fantasia International Film Festival Montreal

    Article Thumbnail Aussie shocker to kick off in Canada as local fans as usual sit around fiddling their fingers while waiting on a screening of some sort.

30 May 2015   Shop Smart Kiwi Style, okay there may be the odd yank working on it

    Article Thumbnail emAsh vs the Evil Deadem filming in New Zealand, and here's a couple of teasers to set the mood, forget the candles yo we're talking cool Ash!

21 May 2015   Friday music clip - The Rubens: Hallelujah

    Article Thumbnail Latest single from the second album release by The Rubens

14 May 2015   Plague set to take a bite out of Audiences

    Article Thumbnail New Aussie zombie flick looks high on drama and densely intense. Are we excited, think Tony Abbott finding new areas to slash in the environment budget!

14 May 2015   In space they still can't hear you screaming, Shane Abbess is back!!!

    Article Thumbnail Abbess finally has a follow up to Gabriel, Infini now available on digital formats.

12 May 2015   Mick Taylor back as early as Next Year in third Wolf Creek rampage

    Article Thumbnail Talk is the third Wolf Creek movie is moving ahead at a rapid pace, at least according to one Mr Jarrett.

6 May 2015   Southern Fried Evil Dead

    Article Thumbnail The Bros head North to help out Sam Raimi with new television series Ash vs The Evil Dead

8 April 2015   Australian Horror New Release Rampage

    Article Thumbnail Get the disc player warmed up kids we're talking an avanlanche of Australian Horror titles

5 April 2015   Third Yowie movie slated for 2015? Red Billabong currently filming

    Article Thumbnail For Yowie fans Australian Horror has you covered, looks like three titles down for release in 2015 and we'll be right across the lot!

1 March 2015   AMC order two seasons of The Walking Dead spin off series

    Article Thumbnail After some weird period of inactivity on the project AMC's President Charlie Collier confirmed the cable network is going full on zombie.

25 February 2015   The Walking Dead spinoffs, season finales, what the hell are AMC doing y'all

    Article Thumbnail Yes we're major walking dead fans here in the Sminds bunker, hell an episode guide and a book review coming up, but say what AMC!?!

21 February 2015   Alien fans rejoice, movies galre announced

    Article Thumbnail Okay settle, two new movies set in the Xenomorph universe have been announced with a third projected!

20 February 2015   Mick Taylor back in six part tellie series?

    Article Thumbnail Wolf Creek to continue building as a franchise, now television is being slaughtered

19 February 2015   2015 - Friday music clip 1

    Article Thumbnail Veruca Salt - Seether

19 February 2015   Scare Campaign announced, in Production

    Article Thumbnail New Aussie shocker ready to scare the knickers off genre fans is currently underway.

19 February 2015   First runs on the board for horror Downunder in 2015 - Wyrmwood

    Article Thumbnail Now that didn't take long, Aussie zombie flick charts on limited run

4 February 2015   New Aussie haunted flick hitting out in 2015, The Quarantine Hauntings

    Article Thumbnail Based off a supposed real haunting at the Quarantine Station at North Head on Sydneys Harbour Foreshore the movie looks to be a chiller.

6 September 2014   Shane Abbess' second feature goes retro Sci-Fi with a horror twist

    Article Thumbnail Okay not saying this is Australia's answer to Ridley Scott's intergalactic hitchhiker shocker but the teaser released this week certainly has us bright eyed and bushy tailed.

31 July 2014   Australian Horror Movie Charlie's Farm theatrical trailer released

    Article Thumbnail Chris Sun looks to have a slasher that could well evolve into a franchise

31 July 2014   Peter Jackson describes it as "Bloody brilliant", new Kiwi horrorcomedy set for September 2014 release

    Article Thumbnail Not many details to hand but "Housebound" is set for a September 4th cinema release in New Zealand, figures crossed we get it across the ditch here as well.

30 July 2014   Australian Horror Movie The Babadook gets European release, but nothing for regional Australia

    Article Thumbnail Okay Icon just what the hell is the story here, the Euros are getting the movie toot sweet and regional Australia is left out in the cold once again!

28 July 2014   George Miller goes back to the well with Mad Max: Fury Road

    Article Thumbnail First trailer out and got to say it looks a lot like the second movie in the original trilogy, only without Mel Gibson!

24 July 2014   Spierig Bros teaming up with Hammer on Supernatural movie

    Article Thumbnail While the movie reviews around the name Winchester is has nothing to do with Sam and Dean, Hammer want a supernatural flick and they are calling in the Bros to direct

17 July 2014   New Line Cinema give Chucky a sex change operation

    Article Thumbnail Seriously "Annabelle" is happening, and it looks pretty good to be honest.

9 July 2014   Horror flagging at North American boxoffice, the nervous Nellies of course yell the "sky is falling"!

    Article Thumbnail Eric Bana joins the list of horror movie leads that haven't nailed opening weekend in 2014, hey some of these movies didn't deserve a cinema release in the first place.

19 June 2014   Paranormal Activity 5 held back till 2016

    Article Thumbnail So we aren't getting two PA movies in 2014 and now have one hell of a long wait for the next movie.

14 June 2014   2014 Video Clip 13 Rufus - Tonight

    Article Thumbnail Sydney Indie dance trio Rufus track Tonight from their debut album "Atlas"

10 June 2014   The Walking Dead to run at least 12 seasons?

    Article Thumbnail This morning are reporting that show Producer David Alpert has spilled the beans on plans for AMC's hugely successful zombie franchise

5 June 2014   2014 Video Clip 15 - Skyhooks - Horror Movie

    Article Thumbnail And we flash back to the 1970s era of glam rock! Okay this really isn't about Horror Movies as such.

30 May 2014   Australian Horror Movie Remake Bandwagon Rolls On!

    Article Thumbnail Antony I Ginnane goes apeshit with two further remakes announced, both of which will no doubt sink and burn.

30 May 2014   2014 Video Clip 14 - Rufus - Take Me

    Article Thumbnail Single from the 2013 album release by Sydney band Rufus

29 May 2014   Winter City Productions changes business model

    Article Thumbnail Winter City Productions launches a Creator Owned Comic Book Publishing program

8 May 2014   2014 Video Clip 13 - Kimbra Settle Down

    Article Thumbnail New Zealand's Kimbra, official clip of the hit single.

17 April 2014   The ABC getting their Traucki on this long Easter Weekend

    Article Thumbnail Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the ABC, Andrew Traucki is going to make some people wish they didn't.

10 April 2014   2014 Video Clip 12 Icehouse - We Can Get Together

    Article Thumbnail First hit for Davis and Icehouse, band formerly known as Flowers

3 April 2014   2014 Video Clip 11 - MiSex - Computer Games, Space Waltz - Out On The Street

    Article Thumbnail A couple more from the vault, this time from across the Tasman where the shaky islands were rocking in the 1970s and 1980s.

31 March 2014   AMC already gearing us up for the fifth season of Rick Grimes versus zombies

    Article Thumbnail Well they aren't letting any moss grow on this rolling stone, first poster released for the new season which kicks off October this year in North America.

29 March 2014   Just when you thought it was safe to visit the toy store Mick Taylor bobs up!

    Article Thumbnail Our first ever "cool" collectable post. have a Mick Taylor bobble head figurine ready for purchase, 7 full inches of Mick goodness Kids!

27 March 2014   2014 Video Clip 10 - Def FX - I'll Be YOur Majick, Killing Heidi - Weir

    Article Thumbnail We're going back a decade or so to catch up with a couple of rocking Aussie outfits you just may not have heard of if you live outside our fatal shores. Two great female vocalists and some hard driving riffs, drop your linen and start your grinning.

24 March 2014   Monster Pictures announce the release of "The Jungle" on DVD

    Article Thumbnail Andrew Traucki's third movie to get a mid April release on DVD in Australia.

20 March 2014   2014 Video Clip 9 - The Verlaines - Death and the Maiden

    Article Thumbnail Dunedin Student band The Verlaines big 1980s hit, sorry for the video quality and audio quality for that matter.

16 March 2014   Michael Budd's debut feature "Love of my Life" ready to rock

    Article Thumbnail Just when you thought it was safe to watch movies again Michael Budd delivers a deranged surgeon with an agenda, oh yes there will be blood.

13 March 2014   Wolf Creek 2 North American distribution confirmed

    Article Thumbnail Greg McLean's latest movie to receive solid North American release schedule

13 March 2014   2014 Video Clip 8 - The Hilltop Hoods - The Long Road

    Article Thumbnail More skip hop than you can poke a sampling deck at!

7 March 2014   2014 Video Clip 7 - DD Smash - Outlook For Thursday

    Article Thumbnail Stepping back a bit to check out Auckland's DD Smash who featuring Dave Dobbyn on vocals.

28 February 2014   2014 Video Clip 6 San Cisco - Fred Astaire

    Article Thumbnail Out of the West San Cisco are notching up the hits!

26 February 2014   At the Movies becomes even more irrelevant

    Article Thumbnail David and Marge hide under their beds as McLean's Wolf Creek 2 proves too graphic for them.

20 February 2014   2014 Video Clip 5 Presets - My People

    Article Thumbnail Also great when you find a new act you haven't heard before, thank you Triple J for playing The Presets album tracks.

13 February 2014   2014 Video Clip 4 Lorde - Tennis Court

    Article Thumbnail Teenage kiwi takes on the World music scene, and wins.

5 February 2014   Wolf Creek 2 cut for cinema release after Censorship Board decision

    Article Thumbnail Once again the peons are up in arms over a Board decision that was made due to the "public good" or whatever other term we are currently using.

29 January 2014   2014 Video Clip 3 Goanna - Solid Rock

    Article Thumbnail Don't the kids love their rock n roll

21 January 2014   The Walking Dead back on Feb 10, spin off, and Norman Reedus gets pranked

    Article Thumbnail Update on Walking Dead news over the last few weeks

16 January 2014   2014 Video Clip 2 Painters Dockers - Die Yuppi Die

    Article Thumbnail Should get re-issued in the face of the Abbot Government's land of the greedy....

12 January 2014   Michael Petroni new movie currently shooting

    Article Thumbnail 2014 kicks off with new Petroni movie, though anyone else thinking the plot sounds very familiar?

4 January 2014   2014 Video Clip 1

    Article Thumbnail Blast from the past, the amazingly good Penny Flanagan's "Lap It Up".

30 December 2013   ScaryMinds signs off in 2013

    Article Thumbnail Already looking forward to the New Year, 2014 will mark 1,000 reviews and some new frontiers!

21 December 2013   Friday video clip 6: Art vs Science - Finally See Our Way

    Article Thumbnail A fantasy film clip to a rocking AvS track, what's not to love?

9 December 2013   Wolf Creek is now officially the first horror franchise from Downunder

    Article Thumbnail With a sequel due to hit cinemas February 2014, and the promise of an additional three movies, we were certainly getting excited, now Penguin have entered the bloody fray with two prequel novels.

8 December 2013   What's left visually in the horror calendar in 2013?

    Article Thumbnail Good question, and nothing says festive season like a lumbering zombie or a Japanese revenant or heck a masked psycho. With the year running out what is left to get excited about.

7 December 2013   Tim Hawken's first two titles in the "Hellbound" series free on Amazon

    Article Thumbnail For those keeping score, which is probably us, Hawken has crashed the Hollywood party with his cult following in tow and is ready to rock the fan base with a third title "Deicide".

6 December 2013   Friday video clip 5: The Hilltop Hoods - Nosebleed Section

    Article Thumbnail More Skip Hop, and do we suck - a day late!

28 November 2013   Friday video clip 4, Seth Sentry - Dear Science

    Article Thumbnail Skip Hop meets Back to the Future, ain't never going to be the same again.

26 November 2013   Sam Barrett goes all gialo, new feature to premier at Monster Fest.

    Article Thumbnail We have been quietly following Barrett's career thus far and have to say this one surprised even us. Aussie Director turns to Italian cinematic influences

25 November 2013   Momentum publish J T Clay's ode to making war not love

    Article Thumbnail So a trainee kindergarten teacher falls for a vegan hippie named Rabbit, loses the dude, and then the zombies attack.

24 November 2013   Theatre of the Dead to premier in Canberra November 28th

    Article Thumbnail Crowd funded zombie apocalypse film to open hostilities on Nov 28th in the Nation's capital. Check Dendy Cinemas

21 November 2013   Friday video clip 3, Fat Freddy's Drop - The Wandering Eye

    Article Thumbnail Putting some funk into it on a rain logged Friday, from Wellington New Zealand Fat Freddy's Drop classic clip

20 November 2013   Distracted Media release teaser for new series Airlock

    Article Thumbnail Distracted Media have released a teaser for Airlock that gives some idea of what we can expect if the movie is fully funded.

19 November 2013   Tim Hawken new book, Hollywood deal

    Article Thumbnail Just when Hollywood Execs thought it was safe to do lunch another Aussie lands kicking and screaming out "G'day Mate" on their table!

17 November 2013   The Walking Dead update, some old news that is finally confirmed

    Article Thumbnail Guess it comes as no surprise that AMC have signed off on a fifth season of the franchise, but hey ho we're also getting a spin off series.

15 November 2013   Friday video clip 2, only a day late, The Avalanches

    Article Thumbnail Don't those crazy kids love that rock n roll music.

15 November 2013   Siren Visual brings you Video Nasties, the definitive exploration

    Article Thumbnail Like a lot of people I'm interested in the mid 1980s Brit Governments war on the horror and exploitation video market, Siren Visual are providing the documentary we all wanted.

13 November 2013   Distracted Media announce new Crowd Fund Movie for torrents release

    Article Thumbnail Distracted Media, who previously gave us The Tunnel, have announced a new Crowd Funding initiative in order to raise $100K for their next movie.

10 November 2013   New novels and collections announced by Satalyte and Severed Press

    Article Thumbnail Seems like today was the day for at least two Publishing houses to either announce new signings or to have new novels let loose into the Wild. Aussie avalanche folks and we're more excited than Paris at a free cocktail function.

9 November 2013   AHWA announces Midnight Echo to continue

    Article Thumbnail Some good news from the Australian Horror Writings Association today with an announcement that their flagship magazine Midnight Echo will continue beyond episode 10.

8 November 2013   Cohesion Press to release new print of Martin Livings novel

    Article Thumbnail Seems Cohesion Press aren't allowing the grass to grow over the gravestone and have announced a new print edition of Martin Livings' novel Carnies, as well as an electronic version.

7 November 2013   Aussie Director Bronwyn Edwards delivers new trailer for Tick Tock Trick

    Article Thumbnail Director Bronwyn Edwards is hard at work bringing us the Gothic surreal nightmare, Tick Tock Trick, with the second trailer going online. If you want it dark and creepy then this would be the movie for you.

7 November 2013   Friday rocks, video clip 1

    Article Thumbnail So each Friday we dispense with the news and check out a track from Downunder, either currently released or from the vaults. First up we have Do Re Mi's classic from 1985 "Man Overboard".

7 November 2013   Greg McLean to produce Matthew Holmes' upcoming feature Territorial

    Article Thumbnail McLean, who is currently busy with Wolf Creek 2, is set to produce the upcoming creature feature Territorial from WriterDirector Matthew Holmes. New poster released today folks.

6 November 2013   ScreenLaunch crash L.A AFM Party with Safe Water 3D and The Tunnel

    Article Thumbnail Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water you need to first get past the township. New Kids on the block ScreenLaunch are attacking the American Film Market with two horror titles this month

6 November 2013   ArtSpear release first trailer for Australiens, the Sydney Opera House is toast

    Article Thumbnail ArtSpear who entertained us previously with The Killage and the Web series The Void are back with their comedy spin on alien invasion flicks, Australiens. Australia clearly being high on the Alien invasion list, and they aren't coming by boat Tony Abbott. Try hiding this illegal landing from the News!

4 November 2013   In the Midnight Hour we cry more, more, more.

    Article Thumbnail The Australian Horror Writers Association have decided to postpone the publication of Issue 11 of their Midnight Echo publication in a more that has proved controversial if not downright confusion to some sectors of the Downunder Horror Community.

3 November 2013   Aussie Horror Writers Sampler available, must buy!

    Article Thumbnail If you have been wondering about the books and Authors we mention on site but don't know where to begin then here's an opportunity to explore Downunder horror literary firepower.

2 November 2013   Stuart Simpson hits out with third feature movie

    Article Thumbnail Following Demonsamongus (2006) and El Monstro Del Mar! (2010) Simpson is back with movie number three Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla.

31 October 2013   Insidious Chapter 2 's Wan and Whannell talk scarying

    Article Thumbnail With the count down on to the cinema release of the movie James Wan and Leigh Whannell talk about what you have to deliver in a horror movie and we get some tidbits of what we can expect from the latest movie by the smash hit Aussie duo.

31 October 2013   Matthew Tait collection finally in print

    Article Thumbnail Texas publishing house HodgePodge Press are releasing a revised edition of Matthew Tait's "Ghosts In A Desert World" and are promising more from the Author.

30 October 2013   Kiwi Publisher Paper Road Press Launches

    Article Thumbnail Paper Road Press, the new kid on the block of Kiwi speculative fiction, have launched with their first book being welcomed into the word at Wellington (30 October) and Tauranga (31 October).

30 October 2013   Ridley Scott on Prometheus sequels

    Article Thumbnail Empire magazine in an interview with Scott got the canny Director to give some details on the forth coming sequels to his controversial Prometheus re-engagement with the Alien universe.

29 October 2013   Travis Bain dials into horror with THROWBACK!

    Article Thumbnail Travis Bain, who previously gave us Scratched is back with his new feature Throwback, a movie featuring a couple of treasure hunters running up against the legendary Yowie.

27 October 2013   Momentum Books Halloween deal on Graeme Hague books

    Article Thumbnail Momentum Books are offering electronic copies of Graeme Hague's books for $1 as a Halloween promotion. Now that's what we can a major saving folks.

27 October 2013   Scaryminds is back in action

    Article Thumbnail After being off air for a month or so we are back and more focused than ever! Expect a lot more reviews, interviews, articles and a few new features.

25 October 2013   New Publisher Cohesion Press launches Downunder

    Article Thumbnail Cohesion Press have virtually opened their doors and are currently accepting submissions for an anthology and new book ideas.

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