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New Publisher Cohesion Press launches Downunder

Cohesion Press have virtually opened their doors and are currently accepting submissions for an anthology and new book ideas.
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Under the command of Geoff Brown the Publishing house is off to a flying start with two books already in the catalog. An anthology of War stories with a horror theme is available for those wanting to ensure their copy. The anthology, SNAFU, features tales from genre heavy weights Jonathan Maberry and Greig Beck and is available, or soon will be, in ebook, softcover, and hardcover editions.

Cohesion have also published Kaaron Warren's collection The Gate Theory, which captures a number of Warren stories, that while having been published in various places previously, had never been collected into a single book. A review of The Gate Theory will be happening here at ScaryMinds real soon now.

ScaryMinds wish Geoff and his team all the best with the new venture, and hey if they want reviews send copies of the books our way. Just joking with the last part.

You can check out Cohesion right here.

Published on 25 October 2013

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