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Aussie Horror Writers Sampler available, must buy!

If you have been wondering about the books and Authors we mention on site but don't know where to begin then here's an opportunity to explore Downunder horror literary firepower.
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So it's kind of like a Whitman's sampler box, except without the chocolate and it's apt to give you nightmares that go a tad beyond putting on addition weight. Seven of Australia's premier horror writers are included and the cover is by Greg Chapman, the rising star of Aussie illustrators when it comes to more morbid fare. All of this is wrapped up in a very nice price for Kindle owners, see Amazon purchase link below.

So who is included and what can we expect from their tale? Glad you asked, the sampler (love that idea) kicks off with Matthew Tait's The Grief School, we were one of the first to review Matthew's collection, Ghosts in a Desert World, recently published in print form by HodgePodge press. Looking forward to this one, Tait can write a mean tale that grabs you by the throat.

Harry's Dead Poodle David Kernot, got to admit David is one of those Aussie authors who is kicking goals that we haven't reviewed yet. Hey you can't get to everyone, takes time y'all. Likewise I'm unaware of Kim Faulks, though her entry in the collection, End of Dreams: The immortal Destiny Book One which mixes in a serial killer and vampire sounds like it could be the start of a long relationship. See even the team here at ScaryMinds are finding something new to rock out to in the collection!

Back on our normal hunting grounds Shane Jiraiya Cummings has Hear No Evil in the collection. We have extensively covered Shane's fiction but are always up for additional delights to amaze and delight. And David Conyers adds that touch of class to things with The Nightmare Dimension, a full length novella that I'm told is in similar dark territory to Clive Barker's darker thoughts. Could well be the highlight of the collection.

I'm unaware of the final two Authors in the collection, which adds some spice and intrigue for me at least. Jay Caselberg provides Empties, which is apparently a haunting tale that sticks with the reader after they finish the prose, and Troy Barnes provides a slice of his work with The End of Ever (Part 1).

Have we got your attention yet? Every one of those tales has something I'm fanging to read, as a sampler I think we could be on a winner with this collection of mayhem and spine chilling tension. If you want to secure a copy then hit Amazon and for 99c you too could have your very own Kindle version. If you don't have a Kindle, but have another e-reader, there are online conversion tools to epub. If you don't have an e-reader then you're on your own. Actually just googled, yes I go that step more, and it looks like a Kindle version is the only option!

A review of the collection will of course be forthcoming from ScaryMinds, just as soon as we can sort out our current review queue. Talk about chaos entering what should be an ordered world, a recurrent horror theme and state of play around these parts.

Published on 3 November 2013

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