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ScreenLaunch crash L.A AFM Party with Safe Water 3D and The Tunnel

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water you need to first get past the township. New Kids on the block ScreenLaunch are attacking the American Film Market with two horror titles this month
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So horror is the business Downunder at the moment with multiple titles being announced, some of which will even get made. Innovative start up ScreenLaunch, film sales and distribution, are invading L.A with multiple titles including two horror flicks. Is L.A big enough for Aussies with big ideas!

In one of those weird, gee not everyone gets their kicks on the net, developments ScreenLaunch are firstly promoting 2011's The Tunnel. For those with low attention spans, the movie was crowd funded and delivered free on torrents. ScaryMinds even threw some cash on the table there. Apparently sales are still rocking for the movie and a sequel is already underway. Oh hell yes! Found footage, major tunnel systems under Sydney, queue something living there that hunts an investigative news team. For the sequel we suggested to the Producers a police armed response team in a sort of Aliens twist, strangely this isn't happening. So anyway the more promotion the better in my gun for hire opinion. The Tunnel remains one of the best Aussie horror flicks of 2011, if you haven't seen it yet go sit in the corner with a dunce's hat on.

Not satisfied with one horror flick ScreenLaunch are also promoting a new concept, Safe Water 3D at the event. The movie, currently building finance, reunites Producer Ross Howden and Director Nathan Christoffel who previously delivered the off beat Eraser Children to anyone who could actually find a copy. Safe Water, I'm not sold on the 3D aspect, involves a disgraced former surf champion, Shelley, who goes back home to a sleepy beach side community that she called home prior to making worldwide headlines. She's expecting a backlash from the locals but is shocked when it comes in an unexpectedly horrific form. Shelley is going to need every ounce of her abilities to survive. News on the street is the look and feel is reverting back to JC's Halloween, anyone else got a mental image of Michael Myers hanging ten on a surfboard? Can an Aussie slash and stalk which mixes in beach culture work? Who the hell knows, but it has piqued my interest kids.

Fingers crossed ScreenLaunch can prove to the Seppos we are even more deranged than they thought after watching Wolf Creek. Tourism Australia just loves the dark genre in this Country, yes they do!

Published on 6 November 2013

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