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Alien: Covenant - anyone else getting excited?

New trailer does the business, fingers crossed Scott hasn't been influenced by the "fans" and Prologue: Last Supper.

Firstly this piece of cinematic tease, all couples, colonisation of a new world okay got it.

"These crazy bugs outside a colonial outpost" - something tells me this isn't going to end well. Everyone got the reference to Alien right, please Ridley don't do this thing as a reboot!

Hey and the second trailer has us all bouncy with excitement.

Okay so what do we know; xenomorphs, neomorphs, David doing weird things, and a whole bunch of classic Alien horror in the mesh. Unlike a lot of people belabouring every single point, and making the usual theories that turn out to be a steaming pile, I'm going to sit back and wait for May, hey the road to paradise starts in hell, I can dig!

Published on 16 March 2017

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