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ArtSpear release first trailer for Australiens, the Sydney Opera House is toast

ArtSpear who entertained us previously with The Killage and the Web series The Void are back with their comedy spin on alien invasion flicks, Australiens. Australia clearly being high on the Alien invasion list, and they aren't coming by boat Tony Abbott. Try hiding this illegal landing from the News!
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I had a lot of fun with The Killage, a movie that put the fun back into Slasher movies, if for the moment we spelt "Slasher" really badly with "fun" in there somehow, "Slasfunher"? Anyways a comedy that sent up slasher tropes and which proved to be an entertaining 90 odd minutes. So I for one have been excited about Australiens invading my screen.

Director Joe Bauer enlists the aid of Rita Artmann, Joe Bauer, Lawrence Silver, Doug Hatch, Tamara McLaughlin, and Emma Randall to combat the alien evil doers in his new movie. Aliens in mech suits, the bastards shooting up the Opera House, oh hell yeah, these illegal immigrants are doing more to destroy the Country than Christopher Pyne can achieve in two terms of Government!

So anyways Australiens, I'm just loving that word, revolves around Andi Gibson who had a close encounter with a flying saucer when she was 10. Seventeen years later an Alien armada launches an airborne assault on Australia and kidnaps Andi's Mom for no apparent reason. When the going gets tough Andi enlists the help of her hypochondriac brother Elliot, ex boxer cousin Keith, documentary filmmaker Cam, and strange father to take on the extraterrestrial menace. Strewth the team might have their work cut out with flying saucers, giant robots, martial arts aliens, and all manner of foreign horrors landing on their doorstep!

And just because here's the first trailer and as an added bonus the first teaser. Enjoy and check out more details on Australiens over at Artspear's official home on the net. You can also like their Facepalm page right here.

Published on 6 November 2013

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