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Momentum Books Halloween deal on Graeme Hague books

Momentum Books are offering electronic copies of Graeme Hague's books for $1 as a Halloween promotion. Now that's what we can a major saving folks.
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If you have been reading the site you have probably run across the odd review of legendary Australian horror writer Graeme Hague's books. Just in case you don't know, the dude not only writes horror but also writes in other genres as well. In time for Halloween, and to fill in the night while scaring various suitably clad kids, you can get your hands on a title or two and groove to the music Hague lays down.

Set your browser to Momentum and grab a bargain or three. Actually they have some titles there that we might grab in due course as well. You can thank us post Halloween with left other treats, or send pictures of the kids you now have chained up in your basement so we can make a seasonal poster of them. It's all good folks.

Did I mention Graeme Hague is considered the Stephen King of Australia? Okay happy reading and get your Halloween on this year.

Published on 27 October 2013

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