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The Walking Dead update, some old news that is finally confirmed

Guess it comes as no surprise that AMC have signed off on a fifth season of the franchise, but hey ho we're also getting a spin off series.
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Must admit the decision to run with a fifth season comes as no surprise to those of us who follow the ratings. The Walking Dead continues to expand its fanbase and now rivals NFL in the ratings. That's one hell of a result. So hell yeah a fifth season should keep it pumping, though you have to wonder how truly sustainable the show is going forward. I'm picking seven seasons before the final head shot, but then what do I know.

Interestingly there's a few people out there that don't like the show, looking at you Personal opinions etc are of value, but that site seems to have a real problem with a franchise that is spreading the horror cred to the unbelievers. Guess they would rather sit through seasons of Charmed or something.

Okay exciting news for those of us who do dig the franchise, AMC have announced a spin off series. I wasn't going to mention this one, too many horror sites simply report internet rumour as fact and then get all pissy when it resolves to some kid in a basement making stupid comments, but Robert Kirkman has confirmed a second series. Word on the net is the spin off will focus on the zombie outbreak and the battle to contain it. Oh hell yes, I would be up for a series based around that idea. Aim at three seasons max and let it rock and roll.

Published on 17 November 2013

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