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Michael Petroni new movie currently shooting

2014 kicks off with new Petroni movie, though anyone else thinking the plot sounds very familiar?
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Director Petroni is perhaps best known in dark genre circles as the scribe behind 2011's The Rite, Possession (2008), and Queen of the Damned (2002). Okay so not exactly an earth shattering resume, but I at least had some good thoughts on The Rite. Petroni is currently helming Backtrack and I have to say this one could go either way.

From the official synopsis, "The film follows a psychologist whose life is thrown into chaos when he discovers his patients are all ghosts of people who died in an accident 20 years prior". Uhmm can anyone say The Sixth Sense!

The movie has some star firepower with Adrien Brody and Sam Neil being joined by The Loved Ones' Robin McLeavy. Shooting is expected to complete in February with Downunder distribution rights already having been secured by Madman.

Got to say I'm crossing my fingers on this one. Hopefully they haven't given away the major twist in the movie, though once again is it really a twist after The Sixth Sense et al? - and for sure no one wants an inwardly looking drama outside the most rabid wine and cheese set member!

I'll keep you informed but from first looks this flick would appear to be taking itself way too seriously.

Published on 12 January 2014

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