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Wolf Creek 2 cut for cinema release after Censorship Board decision

Once again the peons are up in arms over a Board decision that was made due to the "public good" or whatever other term we are currently using.
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Wolf Creek 2 hits cinemas on Thursday Feb 20th with a full two minutes cut from the cinema release. Clearly Mick's exploits didn't sit well with the Board who initially gave the sequel to Greg McLean's box office hit an R18+ rating. The Movie Makers, and I would repeat that, the Movie Makers sliced two minutes from Wolf Creek 2 in order to achieve an MA15+ rating.

Naturally this hasn't gone down well with the sort of person who thinks there shouldn't be any censorship in Australia, there wasn't folks the Movie Makers made the cuts in order to get the lower rating for commercial reasons, Wolf Creek 2 would have still played wide with the higher rating. Clearly I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't comment on whether two minutes, that would be 180 seconds lost would make the movie any less solid. I'm thinking not at this stage.

We are being promised the full movie when it is released on DVD/Blu later in the year, so suck it up princess you get the R18+ movie anyways, just not at the cinema where Bogans have a tendency to drag their kids along.

For anyone on the warpath I'll reiterate the salient point, the Movie Makers decided to slice, no pun intended, two minutes to gain a MA15+ rating, the Censorship Board did not require that as they awarded an R18+ rating. Getting the point?

Published on 5 February 2014

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