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At the Movies becomes even more irrelevant

David and Marge hide under their beds as McLean's Wolf Creek 2 proves too graphic for them.
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Has At The Movies become an irrelevance with hosts David and La Pomeranz pretty much being ready to be put out to pasture? Controversy surrounds the decision not to review Wolf Creek 2 because of itís at times violent nature, which smacks of the hosts not wanting to take time off from the Hollywood trough. In the past David and Margaret have reviewed movies like Hostel that certainly donít shy away from ďtorture pornĒ so what has changed this time round considering the gruesome twosome did review the original Wolf Creek? Smells pretty fishy to us and considering At the Movies is an ABC show one wonders why a review of the big budget Yank flick Lone Survivor went down while an Aussie movie was overlooked!

Must admit I havenít watched At the Movies in over a year as the hosts are showing they are increasingly off the pace when it comes to modern cinema, we all have to hang up our poison pens at some stage, David and Margaret are well overdue to retire. So what other movies have they decided they wonít review, any of them big budget Boredwood efforts?

Considering the desperate times Australian horror finds itself in at times, the decision to snub Wolf Creek 2 can only be read as a prudish need to avoid violence in cinema or more disturbingly shows a descent into lapping at the Hollywood trough rather than being fair dinkum about what they should be doing. I know a lot of people are disappointed in the decision to not review Wolf Creek 2; this is going to cause At the Movies to slide further in public opinion.

Naturally the clones have rushed in to defend David and Margaret, I wonder if the same clones will also defend them the next time they review a violent Hollywood movie or is that okay because it comes endorsed by LaLa land? For anyone who agrees they shouldnít review because of the ďviolent contentĒ I would suggest you stick to rom-coms and for heaven's sake donít watch Game of Thrones or Walking Dead on television!

Wolf Creek 2 has taken out top spot on opening week with a sensational $2.2 million, suck it up At the Movies.

Published on 26 February 2014

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