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AMC already gearing us up for the fifth season of Rick Grimes versus zombies

Well they aren't letting any moss grow on this rolling stone, first poster released for the new season which kicks off October this year in North America.
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Walking Dead Season 5

Seems the buzz word is going to be survive, at least for the first half of season five.

Survive Poster

The dust is only just setting on season four, which sees the survivors of the prison battle in dire straights at Terminus. No it didn't prove to be the safe haven people imagined, and yes it might just harbor cannibals. AMC are not wasting time and have the byline for the first half of season five already hitting televisions in North America. Rick may have come to an understanding of his place in the Universe during the episode A but he is going to need that understanding to get his people through the new trials laid at their feet.

Notably Carol and Tyreese haven't made the scene yet, and where the hell is Beth? I'm expecting some real fireworks at the beginning of the new season, as Rick says, Terminus don't understand who the hell they are dealing with!

Published on 31 March 2014

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