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Australian Horror Movie Remake Bandwagon Rolls On!

Antony I Ginnane goes apeshit with two further remakes announced, both of which will no doubt sink and burn.
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In recent times there have been two remakes of classic Australian Horror Movies. For anyone needing a reminder we're talking Lost Weekend and Patrick. What did both remakes have in common you might ask, well they crashed and burned Downunder as local audiences proved less than thrilled with the idea. So naturally rather than making something new Antony G has the insane notion Australian Horror Movie fans are frothing at the mouth to get remakes of Thirst and The Survivor! Has the local movie making community gone utterly insane?

Thirst was that half arsed vampire movie from 1979 that we reviewed back in the day about here. While not the best vamper movie ever laid down it was still somewhat entertaining. This movie isn't strong enough to be remade, our prediction a financial nightmare for investors.

The Survivor is surprisingly one of the few adaptations of a James Herbert novel, and they made it with the Brits back in 1981. We were naturally right across it here. Once again this movie wasn't exactly setting the world on fire, but did have a couple of moments. Perhaps with a decent Director something could be done here.

We're hardly batting a 1000 with Australian Horror Movie remakes, Antony G isn't going to help the average, expecting a couple of half arsed efforts that the quote whores will be all over but everyone else will give a miss. Can't we finance some new Australian Horror Movies? There's been very solid box office results thus far this year for both Wolf Creek 2 and The Babadook, how about we don't follow Michael Bay's lead y'all!

Published on 30 May 2014

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