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New Aussie haunted flick hitting out in 2015, The Quarantine Hauntings

Based off a supposed real haunting at the Quarantine Station at North Head on Sydneys Harbour Foreshore the movie looks to be a chiller.
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Directors Bianca Biasi and Arnold Perez are unleashing their first feature based around the claimed haunting of the Station by "the girl with the pink dress”. Directly involved in the filming was a well known local Psychic who made contact with the ghost and discovered she didn't die from disease but was in fact murdered. Queue the Supernatural theme and get out your rock salt. I leave it to the reader to determine what they believe here, but regardless it makes for what should be a freaky viewing.

The Quarantine Hauntings was released on January 26th. I haven't spotted a copy yet but will keep folks informed. A website is available right here which should in due course have disc release details.

For the unbelievers out there Channel Nine aired this piece of film which reportedly shows the medium being dragged into a room by a supernatural force, spooky right? though we here at the Sminds bunker remain split in opinion. Either its all promotion, and we've seen that before right, or something chilling went down. Anyways trailer below, and we'll keep you posted on developments.

Personally love a good haunted flick, so am foaming at the mouth to catch this bad boy.

Published on 4 February 2015

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