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AMC order two seasons of The Walking Dead spin off series

After some weird period of inactivity on the project AMC's President Charlie Collier confirmed the cable network is going full on zombie.
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I'm actually now in television nirvana with The Walking Dead getting more seasons and now the news that the spin off series set in L.A will run at least two seasons. Even better AMC are promising the first season of six one hour shows will kick off later this year! So we don't have to spend valuable time with that ridic rip off The Asylum humped out this year, hell yeah!

Not much detail on the spin off series besides Kiwi Cliff Curtis in the lead as teacher Sean Cabrera joined by Sons of Anarchy's as love interest Nancy. Seems Sean might be a teacher at a local school when the zombie apocalypse breaks out, the indication is the characters will have no idea what is going down as hell comes to L.A. Nancy is a guidance counsellor at Sean's school, with the two being romantically linked.

While this sounds like the business, I'm still wondering if the spin off can generated the same fan devotion as the original series. Fingers crossed AMC are keeping the standards high, spending money on the episodes, and avoiding soap opera territory.

Published on 1 March 2015

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