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Australian Horror New Release Rampage

Get the disc player warmed up kids we're talking an avanlanche of Australian Horror titles
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So I'm a little excited that we finally get to see Wrymwood: Road of the Dead in the regions, albeit via the funky disc release path. Have dialled in a little and got to say the movie is bat shite crazy! We're talking zombies, road trips from hell, mad scientist types, and out of control military. This is must see stuff for the discerning Australian Horror fan. There's some seriously original ideas floating around in this movie kids.

Monster Pictures aren't holding back and have three titles available for your pleasure. First up Charlie's Farm, a sort of slasher come backwoods massacre flick that will have gorehounds baying to the moon. Sign me up for that bad boy. Charlie could well become another Mick Taylor, hello Tourism Australia. Please note Chris Sun's second flick following the gruelling Daddy's Little Girl.

And for no reason the Aussie myth of the Yowie gets a couple of runs with Throwback and There's Somthing In the Pilliga keeping creature feature fans happy with the world.

Happy viewing kids, also worth checking out is the forthcoming psychological horror flick Love of My Life, slicing up screens soon

Published on 8 April 2015

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