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Southern Fried Evil Dead

The Bros head North to help out Sam Raimi with new television series Ash vs The Evil Dead
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Yeah okay we have been watching Evil Dead developments for quite some time as various sites claim a fourth movie is going to happen and then it never does. Could sites like stop posting up every fracking internet rumour they come across, have some integrity people. Anyways rather than a movie we're getting a bunch of half hour television shows in a new series. Fingers crossed that works out. Ash is back baby, and so are the demonic entities out to make his life a living hell, better pack your broomstick dude!

Naturally Raimi faced with a number of episodes has gone South for personal to get it right. Directors Michael Hurst (New Zealand) and Tony Tilse (Australia) control two of the proposed six episodes. Lucy Lawless has been cast as Ruby, a mysterious character who believes Ash is responsible for the recent demonic outbreaks, groovy baby! There's a bunch more Downunder involvement as well on the technical front, but heck discover that for yourself yo!

I'm a little bit excited for this one, who doesn't want to see Smart's finest face the evil one more time.

Published on 6 May 2015

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