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Blumhouse announce the PA franchise will finish with the fifth movie.

Okay we have heard this before, and yet the movies still keep rolling, but Blumhouse have stated for the record that it all gets explained in the final installment of the warhorse found footage franchise.
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Okay I don't care what anyone else thinks I still reckon the Paranormal Activity franchise is the bomb. Sure internet hardmen, i.e. 13y.o nerds, are claiming the movies aren't scary but yeah like we believe their skinny white arses that no doubt were sat on Mom's sofa watching Mom's big ass television in broad daylight when viewing.

So apparently Toby gets explained, the witches get explained, and nothing is left hanging! They be killing off this franchise stone mother cold friends. Intriguing for yours truly they are going to reference each movie in the franchise including The Marked Ones, sounds like a greatest hits compilation. Anyways catch the trailer below and I'll see ya in the cinema when the movie hits the big screen.

Published on 25 June 2015

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