Supernatural S05E14 - My Bloody Valentine (2010)

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Director Mike Rohl
Writers Ben Edlund
Starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, James Otis
Genre Demonic
Tagline Lucifer Unbound
Supernatural S05E14 - My Bloody Valentine (2010)


"What I'm saying is Cupid has gone rogue, and we have to stop him, before he kills again"- Castiel

Sioux Falls, South Dakota and a couple are heading home after clearly a first date, they seem to be getting into each other and head up to her apartment for some sexy time. Unfortunately they bring new meaning to "eating her out" as they literally actually eat each other. The Winchester Bros are soon on the case and get some advice from Castiel, it's apparently the result of a Cupid who has gone rogue. Unfortunately for Sam and Dean Cupids have a unique way of greeting people and this one isn't responsible for the rising body count in the City which seems to be related somehow to victim desires. Even Sam is starting to get the taste for demon blood, which leads him to realise there is a demonic element at play.

To cut to the chase Famine, another horseman of the apocalypse, is in town and is driving people to indulge in their wants and desires in extreme fashion. When naturally there are some casualties Famine has his demon minions collect their souls for his consumption. Dean, who doesn't appear to have any extreme needs or wants, decides to head on in and rip the ring from Famine's finger, depriving the Entity of his power in much the same way as the Bros dealt with War. Naturally things don't go to plan, and Castiel isn't going to be of much help as he dials into a paleo diet consisting of red meat and more red meat.

Sign on board one of those episodes that redefines doing the nasty, in the best possible fashion of course, that will keep some shock troopers glued to their screens. Okay so we are not talking blood and viscera splattering the screen but we are talking some solidly disturbing ideas being glibly thrown around. Besides a case of mutual cannibalism, now that was something uniquely disturbing, there's also some dude deep diving a hot chip frier, and any number of randoms finding new and fashionable ways of meeting their fates. Added bonus is Famine wanting to consume souls by the dozen, including any demonic entity that fails to deliver on the requirements.

Another day another Horseman to face

Interesting to note Dean is unaffected by the presence of Famine, even Castiel is driven by an unquenchable hunger for beef, but Dean succumbs to nothing. We learn why as the season continues to develop Dean's long day's journey into darkness, he doesn't fang for anything as he has a big dark empty hole in his being, according to Famine at least. Surprisingly this doesn't allow Dean to defeat the Horseman, but hey say hello to even more chick moments as Dean puts Sam to shame on the emo front. Anyone else finding it starting to drag a bit as first one and then another of the Winchesters go emotive.

Been a while since we have had a Demon versus Winchester showdown and sure enough we get one this episode as Sam faces up to a posse of the damned out to finish off his sorry arse. Actually not quite sure of the collective noun for demons, apparent a Legion according to, which makes perfect sense I guess from a Biblical stand point. Hey we're all about education here at Sminds, its how we roll kids. Anyways Sam goes typically ballistic with a small dose of demon blood and we soon have the mojo he does so well going down, hoot of a couple of one liners going down during this part of the episode as Sam outdoes Dean in the punch line stakes. Actually it does lead to Sam tackling Famine is a fairly unique fashion.

Not quite sure here but you would think with two of the Horseman of the Apocalypse now out of play it would seriously hamper whatever plan Lucifer has for the end of times. Apparently the dark overlord isn't on the memo list about the life and times of the Horseman as he seems completely unconcerned about developments re the Winchesters and the ever decreasing number of dark Equestrians. Have a slight feeling this is what those of us that do the review thing call a plot hole. Actually speaking of the dark one, he must be currently vacationing in Tahiti as he hasn't been sighted for quite some time.

One of the more intriguing notions brought up in My Bloody Valentine was the idea that Heaven has this whole forcing people to fall in love agenda happening. The clothing challenged hug loving Cupid was quite happy to inform Dean and Sam that their parents needed a tad of encouragement to get together, and in fact this wouldn't have happened without divine intervention. Clearly we are meant to think Heaven had this long range planning department prime for the apocalypse but then exactly how should we view Heaven, are they any better than the place downstairs?

Nothing to report on the mullet rock front, the Producers clearly thought we were over indulged last episode and didn't want to get us too demanding. Well I'm demanding right here right now that this lack of tunes gets a kick in the nuts and someone in some semblance of authority demands the mix tape be given a thorough work out for each and every episode.

My Bloody Valentine jumped between the macabre and comedy pretty successfully while turning in one brutal episode. For those unaware in 2009 Jensen Ackles took a lead role in the remake of My Bloody Valentine, one of the lesser important slasher movies out of the 1980s. So double amusement if you are into movie connections. Anyways, and before we have the Ackles fan club going all misted eyed again, one of the better episodes thus far of season five, pushing the storyline along and keeping us on track. Yeah you will need to be up with at least this season to get what is happening in a number of scenes but hey worth checking out the entire previous episodes of the season to get to this one folks. Full recommendation once again, this franchise may not be for the hard core horror community but it is still kicking some goals for me at least.

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